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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


By Tim Colin
It has been reported that we have a government full of leakers. I confirmed that we have a lot of leakers in Congress by talking to a custodian at the Capital. Over the phone he told me that the custodial staff was constantly mopping and wiping up the messes that the congressmen leave behind. It seems that many of the elderly law makers have problems getting their diapers changed before they have s seepage problem. Of course the custodian I talked to said that the elderly legislatures have far fewer problems than the younger ones. It seems the younger ones often have drinking problems and get confused as to whether they are at their favorite bar/ brothel or trying to hit the shrubs under their hotel window. The custodial worker ended the conversation by saying that cleaning up after the leakers is hard on the capital staff but, it was still better than the poor guy that has to shine their shoes.

By Ted Colin
My pay toilets in the woods business has gone bust. It seems I did not understand that people have no problem relieving themselves in our great outdoors for free. All I can say is that if you go into a woods that has no pay toilets that you had better watch your step.

It is now illegal in many states to sell coffee mixed with beer in stores. It seems coffee and beer mixed makes some people very sick. I guess that’s why people throw up when you give them coffee to sober them up. I do wonder how people drink Irish Coffee. Maybe whiskey is more calming to the stomach than beer. Maybe the states just need to raise the requirement of the alcohol content of the coffee/beer drink and that would make people feel better.

By Mike Colin
This is a great time of the year to set snares. I’ve been setting snares since I was five years old. I’ve never snared anything but, this year is going to be different. In the past I’ve always set snares for small animals like squirrels and my brother’s guinea pig. I decided maybe a larger beast might be easier to snare. So, I decided to go over to my Cousin Lester’s house. My cousin can’t find a job and still lives with his parents on a farm. Lester is only 12 years old but he already has a pet buffalo named Sandy. The buffalo stays mostly in a coral next to the chicken coup.

I decided to try snaring Sandy with some hard to see mono-filament 10 lb. test fish line. I set out a snare and by gosh sandy was snared for a couple of seconds. Sandy easily broke the line but, I had confidence that I could now snare an animal. I next got some laundry line cord and set a snare. I tied cord to the chicken coup support and set the snare down directly in front of Sandy. Sandy walked right into the trap and sure enough she was snared. Unfortunately Sandy did not stop walking when the line was tight and Sandy ended up pulling loose the chicken coup support and down went the chicken coup with chickens and hay flying all over the place. My aunt and uncle did not ask me to stay for supper that day. In fact, they didn’t say anything to me at all. They acted like they were real mad about something.

By Ted Colin
The Twicks and Tweed Trout Ice Trip Triple Triumph is an ice fishing festival held each year on Nicky Lake. It is sponsored by Twicks and Tweed Tracking and Tackle Inc. It is held starting at midnight on the last weekend in November and this last weekend I had a great time there.

I showed up at just about midnight last Friday night and watched as about 300 anglers and snowmobilers started to make their way out onto the lake. At first glance I thought that the lake was still open with no ice at all on it. An old timer told me that there was open water but just a few inches below the water’s surface ice had formed. I didn’t want to get my feet wet so I just hung back as the rest of the people started to move off shore. Soon, I noticed that everyone that went out on the lake was swimming and struggling to get back to shore. It occurred to me that maybe that ice was a lot further down below the water’s surface than what the old timer had thought.

By Mystic Madam Misty Merkel
No, I am not related to the big shot lady over there in Germany. My family came from Kalamazoo Michigan. As far as I know my family always lived in Kalamazoo. My ancestors were going to Kalamazoo high school long before Einstein ever invented Germany.

Even though I am a Kalamazoovian and not a German, I do like to go to the festivals in Hankermuth every year. They always have a lot of polka bands so it’s a great time to literally kick up your heels. They have great food in Hankermuth too. I also like the Polish festival they have each year way up in Raydar Michigan. I have a great time there too. One of my former husbands I found there at the Polish festival. Unfortunately, I found him with another woman.

The stock market should go up a little bit next month. If gold keeps going up I’m going to be pulling my back teeth out. After all, its better I get the money than some undertaker. I found out about undertakers stealing teeth from a lot of upset spirits that have been visiting my dreams lately to tell me about their stolen teeth. Evidently, gold teeth are like a get out of hell free card after you die. According to my sources heaven really needs money. Heavens been running deficit budgets for years and they need the gold to pay off their debt to the Chinese. They just don’t make anything in heaven anymore. Even the production of their harps and fancy gowns are outsourced to a company in Indonesia. To top it all off Heaven bought several quadrillion dollars of Mortgage Backed Securities from the U.S. Treasury.

I hate it when dead accountants show up in my dreams and burden my brain with all that financial stuff. I have trouble figuring out how to pay the lot rent where my trailer sits let alone being worried about the fancy finance of rich people, living or dead.

By Gerrard
‘Ts the season,” for lots of movies. I just wish they’d let me bring my own pop and pop corn to the cinema. I could watch two movies for the price of the dog gone pop and pop corn. One thing I do like about theatre popcorn is the extra butter option. Butter is one of those things you just can’t get enough of in life. A lot of times that hot butter poured over the popcorn are the only reason to finish watching some of those really crummy movies. All those romance movies have the women all crying into their hankies while the guys are stuffing their face with popcorn and every guy is just wishing the movie would end. Popcorn is a guy’s comfort food when the movie is making him feel really uncomfortable.

The new “Tron” movie is really good but, it kind of brings back some bad memories from my childhood. You see my father was absorbed into the Internet and has never returned. My mom told me the story of how my dad disappeared back when I was still in grade school.

The story begins with Al Gore and his invention of the Internet. At that time Al Gore was just a Senator so he had lot’s extra time to spend as a mad scientist working in the field of astrophysics. Al Gore was the person given credit by historians as the person who created the Internet but, it was really my father who made the ultimate sacrifice so that billions of people could communicate and be entertained with just the click of a button.

Before my father made his sacrifice communication via a very crude Internet connection was difficult and nasty. Al Gore used his vast knowledge of the space/time continuum along with his psychic abilities to predict weather patterns to construct a parallel universe to this one. This parallel universe is still used for the transmission and reception of all signals over the Internet. Fiber optic cable and other transmission lines are really just a rouse perpetrated by the government and technology companies so that people make payments to be hooked up to the Internet when in fact every cable guy knows that the Internet is not a system of cables and routers but is in fact a separate universe from our own to which any computer can be connected without any type of signal enhancer or cable. In order to connect to this other universe and hence the Internet all the cable guy does is press down “Alt” on the keyboard and triple click the mouse at the same time.

Al Gore found that in order to setup the Internet he needed to have a hook-up done in the alternate universe. My father at the time was a TV repairman and he really bought into the idea of an Internet that could stream football games anywhere anytime. When a note was put up in the break room where my dad worked asking for a volunteer to travel into an alternate universe and hook up the Internet my dad did not hesitate to volunteer. He was the only volunteer so he was chosen to go.

I almost remember the day he said goodbye. My mom told me that whatever happened that he would always be out there. My mom was later told by a government guy that my dad disappeared into the Internet but, never came back. It seems that my dad was tuned into trillions of photons and sent into the alternate universe to make the hook-up to this one. It was estimated that after one hour my dad should have the job done. At that time the “Alt” key was to be held down and the mouse was supposed to be clicked three times. Well, everything went as planned. My dad vanished into the Internet and after an hour a computer geek was ready to extract my father from the alternate universe. The geek pressed down the “Alt” key but, because he had been drinking coffee latt├ęs all day the geek was jittery and did about fifty clicks instead of three. Well, my dad was gone and no one was able to find him again. They told my mom that my dad most likely disappeared into the trillions of bits of information sent over the great Internet.

I still think my dad might come back. Sometimes I go down into the basement and do an “Alt” triple click on my keyboard.  I just wish I could afford to hook up to the internet.
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