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Friday, August 14, 2009


By Tim Collin

After a long summer of vacations and adventures, we will be back in two weeks. We have made many new friends and several enimies whom we thrwated in their efforts to destroy mankind. With enimies like that who needs friends.

I, along with my brothers Ted and Mike and our friends, we will give you the news you need to survive in a world where everyone and everyething is out to get you. We will also report on sports, entertainment and, give you advice on how to live so that you can be as succesful as we are. I exclude my brother Mike from examples of success since, he lives under a bridge like a troll. But, aside from troll boy, we can help you through this pulication. We even have a phschic who correctly predicted that the stock market would rise above 9200 in August. It is now almost 9300.

In two weeks we will feature a debate on health care. We are divided in our politics here at this publication therefor, I am not sure how our health care debate will turn out so, stay tuned in. I end by saying, until we meet again, be afraid. Be very afraid. There all types of monsters and space aliens out there that want to get you.
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