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Friday, November 5, 2010


By Ted Colin
Associate Editor
Well the big elections are over and some political party won and some political party lost. At this publication we were only interested in the independent candidate that we had endorsed for President. That candidate was a Northern Michigan local known as Bill M. Oron. Mr. Oron is an outside the beltway candidate that espouses his various political philosophies after downing a half dozen pints of beer. Mr. Oron is certainly very different from all the other politicians. For example, Mr. Oron is the only candidate for the presidency who wishes to deport all the space aliens that have come to inhabit our planet and steal its precious resources. “Earth for Earthlings” is his slogan. Everyone has to admit that all the policies the major parties fight over are completely unimportant when it comes to our planet being invaded and conquered by aliens from other worlds. Some of these space aliens may even want to eat us.  I’ve heard that we Earthlings taste like a combination of veal, chicken and, pork. I wondered what happened to Cousin Dale when he disappeared right before my families last Christmas dinner.  Often times I loose relatives when there is a big family get together that requires feeding people a lot of meat.  It's a good thing people in my family have lots of kids.

In regards to this last national election, Bill M. Oron would be our new President if only 2010 were a year in which the U.S. President is chosen. It seems that the next presidential election is in 2012. The previous election was in 2008 and the one before that was in 2004. What kind of pattern is that? How does anyone know when they should run for president when the presidential elections are placed in randomly picked years? You would think that elections would be in years that end in either “5” or “10” so that people would not get confused. I guess that the reason we have just a two party system is because the two major parties are the only ones that know when the next election is going to take place.

By Tim Colin
Are you tired of receiving all those utility bills in the mail? Are you sick to death of seeing cut-off notices for your utilities lying all over every table and desk in your home. Are you feeling low because you can’t pay those bills until your doctor says that the disease you got from the girl you made out with on the beach last summer has gone away enough so you can sell your blood again? Well, I have a remedy for all your problems. Just install a wood stove using the low cost wood stove conversion kit that I have patented and am selling for just $19.99. With your own wood stove, you can just take all your utility bills and burn them without even having to look at them. You can also ignore all those letters from the health department regarding the romance disease you caught last summer and might be spreading to your kith and kin right now. In addition to literally sending your problems up in flames, you will be making your home nice and toasty and the ladies just love to sit in front of a nice warm fire.

Now the conversion kit itself is just $19.99 and can be used with any empty five gallon bucket. Just follow the directions and install my patented conversion parts and you will have a nice operational wood-stove. Now I have stated that any empty five gallon bucket can be used however, I should tell you that metal buckets work better than plastic ones. Plastic buckets will give you a huge flame and throw off plenty of heat but, it seems there is a chemical breakdown in plastic when it is heated to the point of becoming fuel. This means that plastic wood-stoves are only good for one burn. Usually, most people are able to salvage the conversion kit for reuse after of course the fire department has left and the insurance investigator has taken some pictures of the fire and water damage done to your home.

By Tim Colin
How about those Detroit Lions? Enough said. I just won a silver colored paper Mache medal for my outstanding athletic prowess in the sport of extreme tether-ball. Of course the goal of extreme tether-ball is the same as regular tether-ball: that being to slap a ball on a string which is attached to a pole so hard that your opponent cannot stop the ball from circling around and around the pole so many times that the ball runs out of rope and kisses the pole. In extreme tether-ball the ball has four six inch razor sharp spikes on it located about 90 degrees apart. So, points are really secondary in extreme tether-ball. What you really want to do is to put someone’s eyes out. The goal is similar to extreme lawn jarts where you want to stab your opponent so bad that he has to go to the hospital.

Of course putting someone’s eyes out during a game might seem somewhat extreme but, here in Northern Michigan we have several well trained mad scientists who just love to replace normal human tissue with that of some animal that was found as road kill. I for one have had the eyes of several different animals over the years. Currently I have a badger eye and an eye from a Chinook salmon. Having really messed up animal eyes is actually a great way to start up conversations with the ladies that you meet at the bar. Chicks really did a guy that has the eyes of two different dead animals. In fact, women would all tell me to “get lost” and that I was some sort of a “creepy jerk” but, since I’ve be playing extreme tether-ball and getting a new set of eyes after almost every match, they now say that I have “mysterious eyes” and that they’d like to get to know the real man behind my beautiful animal peepers.

By Mike Colin
Associate Reporter
Chipmunk Hunting in Northern Michigan
Well, chipmunk hunting season has begun in Northern Michigan. This year there are a few new rules to follow while hunting chipmunks. This year the taking of antler-less and spike horned chipmunks is strictly prohibited and anyone found with a doe or spike horned chipmunk in their possession is subject to a fine of no more $1.99 per violation and an incarceration of not more than 19 hours. You might also receive a suspension of your chipmunk hunting license for up to three days. People ticketed for multiple violations withing a twenty year period could also be banned from chipmunk hunting in Michigan. Hunting chipmunks in Michigan is a privilege not a right.

By Mystic Madam Misty Merkel
My prediction for November is that sales will be really good for retailers and a lot of turkeys will be worried that sales of those deep fat fryers for turkeys had more than doubled every year for the last ten years. Of course the turkeys would not worry so much if people would remember not to drop into the boiling fat those live turkeys that the kids got way back in the spring for Easter. It’s really kind of cruel to raise those turkeys up like they were your own kids and then on Thanksgiving take them out on the back deck and throw a quarter in the boiling grease and stank back and watch as the poor turkey dives to a boiling death for just a quarter. I remember at my ex-husbands parent’s house someone threw a quarter into the pot and half of my husband’s family dove into the boiling grease. It was a good thing that my ex-husband always had several jars of Vaseline in his car or a lot of those people would have been scarred for life.

By Gerrad Maintenance Man
I can’t afford to go to any theaters to see any movies so I just watch whatever comes on at the bar. Mainly that’s sports in Northern Michigan so, that’s o.k. with me. I did get some entertainment when there was this big fight at the bar last weekend. This one nice looking blond accused this other girl who happened to be brunette of having a relationship with here husband. I guessed by the way the blond hit that brunette in the head with a chair that the relationship had nothing to d with being a relative. Finally, the brunette retaliated by hauling the blond girl into the bathroom and into an open stall where the brunette stuck the blond girls head in the toilet and proceeded to flush the toilet several times. I almost felt sorry for the blond girl since I got a lot of toilet head swirlies in my day but, most of the time it was always a girl that gave it to me.  In truth, most of the time is was mom.
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