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Thursday, January 1, 2015


by Ted Colin
Associate Reporter
Humor News Nuts Publications

Well, the holiday is over and everything should be getting back to normal but, I have recently been informed by world renown Frederick Michigan Community College  Professor Ima Havadatrots that aliens have left behind definitive evidence that proves their presence.  Following is my interview with the esteemed professor.

Ted:  “Professor Havadatrots, are you prepared to definitively say that aliens have visited our world and if so, what is your evidence?”

Professor Havadatrots:  “The evidence is definitive that we have been visited right here in Northern Michigan by persons from another world.  You see just the other day as I was picking up beer cans and bottles along Highway I 75 I spied with my little eye some most unusual garbage.  It was really colorful with a type of sheen on it that I have never seen before.  Now this refuse came in two different shapes.  One was that of a platter or plate ant the other was much like that of a cup.  Upon examination of the trash I found that unlike human earth plates or cups which are made out of natural earth materials such as paper or Styrofoam this  garbage was like a plastic material.  I of course knew at once it was not plastic because it came from an alien world.  I.m sure aliens have materials much different than plastics to make plates and cups out of.”

Ted:  “So Professor, what did you do with the alien “cups and plates”?

Professor Havadatrots:  Well Ted, I picked up and stuffed an entire plastic garbage bag with the alien plates and cups and sent them off to NASA for analysis.   I hope to hear back from them anytime on the molecular structures of the alien materials.”

Ted:  “What if NASA is unable to identify the molecules of your alien plates and cups?”

Professor Havadatrots:  “Then I guess I’ve discovered a new material and I will make a lot of money.  My guess is that the material because it comes from outer space is completely resistant is infinitely extremely high temperatures.  Therefor, I envision that all futue generations of spaceships will have their hulls made up of the red, white and blue materials that make up the alien plates and cups.

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