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Friday, August 6, 2010


By Ted Colin
I am afraid I must confirm that my brother Mike Eugene Colin is a fugitive being sought for publishing here on this blog details regarding our secret war with the moon monsters known as the Great Leap. It seems the war went very badly for our government. We even nuked the moon’s North Pole to try to destroy our adversary. You may recall the so called bombing of the moon to try to find water that our government carried out a while back. Shortly thereafter it was announced that Americans would be banned from ever returning to the moon because of the expense. In fact, aliens from outside our solar system intervened in the war and convinced us that we could still look at the moon but, we must never go back there or else…

There is now an international manhunt for my brother and I don’t know exactly where he is located. I know that he is staying with our cousin Bubba Boy who lives at 20127776661313 (this is a rural Michigan address), Monroe Rd. in Freeland Michigan. I am just not sure whether my brother is staying in an upstairs bedroom or if he has to sleep in the basement.

Now if I were asked to give advice to the Swat team that was going into my cousin’s house I would advise them to just take a blow torch and burn the whole thing down. It‘s over 100 years old and should go up like a match. It has 100 year old wiring so it is going to burn down anyway and this would give the government a way to deny burning up the suspect. Just blame the fire on bad wiring.

By Gerrard
I was asked to write this column while Tim is being hunted down for being a traitor and letting out information about our secret war with the moon men. I knew Tim’s big mouth would get him in trouble one of these days. I knew when we published information about the war with the moon things there would be heck to pay. After all, this was the only blog site in the world that was covering that war. Even after we covered it, no one on the planet picked up on it. Of course no one on this planet reads this blog but, evidently we are widely read throughout the rest of the universe. When Washington got the call that a galaxy class star destroyer was on its way here to vaporize our planet then it did not take them long to go after our esteemed editor Mr. Tim Colin.

Well, I wish my boss Tim luck but, if he gets gunned down by international authorities in Moscow or some where else that’s cool, I really like his desk which I am sitting at right now. He had a pretty nice looking chair but I’ve gained a little weight this summer so the chair might need a little reassembly work.

By Mike Colin
My brother Tim usually writes this column but, he might be riddled by bullet holes by the time this is published. It kind of serves him right because he doesn’t believe that my girlfriend is a vampire. He says she is just some crazy girl that likes to drink blood to impress her friends. He does not understand how much I miss her and hope that she comes back to Traverse City one of these days. I sometimes spend the day downtown watching college girls playing volleyball. This really helps to take my mind off of my girlfriend.

By Madam Mystic Misty Merkel
My psychic powers have been completely screwed up lately. My abilities to communicate with the dead are really messed up. I tried to contact my aunt Maud and got my ex-husband Hot Rod Todd. Hot Rod liked his cars and women to be fast but, he did not like to find a job too fast so our relationship did not last.

Old Hot Rod is really hot these days since he ended up in a place where the sun don’t ever shine but, it’s a great place for a cook out if you like a little volcanic lava to wash down your brats made out of sulfur. O course his breath always smelled like sulfur anyway and all those breath mints he ate to cover up his breath gave him diabetes. He literally ate himself into the grave trying to keep his breath from stinking.

In addition to my abilities to contact the dead being messed up, my ability to predict the future is also giving me problems. A couple of days ago I made the prediction to various ladies in the trailer park that Oprah would be preempted and would be shown an hour later than normal. Boy did I get that one wrong. All the ladies in the park got really mad at me. So many of them started to doubt my psychic abilities that I had to run a two for one special on palm readings. If business gets much worse I might have o run a 10 for $10 special. Maybe I should print up some dollar-off coupons instead. After all, dollar-off coupons work for pizza joints. Who knows? Maybe with advertising I could franchise and roll out my psychic joints all across America.
By Gerrard
Nothing really to report on this summer. Hollywood is busy releasing a lot of chick flicks and teeny bopper love stories and not much in the way of guy movies. We want to see more movies like Star Trek or Aliens.  I would not even mind seeing a good Western or a really violent mobster film. Where have all the good movies gone? Hopefully they’ve gone to the fall of 2010 and we won’t have to wait long for their release.

By Mike Colin
I don’t have time for this column this month. The summer coed volleyball championship games are about to start down at the beach so, I AM OUT OF HERE!

We are currently pursuing the editor of this so called news blog for his reckless disregard for this nations most highly sensitive secrets regarding our world actually being run by outer space aliens.  If the news got out that we are ruled by off world monsters with nose hairs that can stangle you while your body is disolved by flesh eaying snot then, many earth people might think about revolting against our benevolent slave masters.  They also have claws for genitalia but, I don't think we should go there unless we are into pain.  A revolt could upset the whole order of things on this planet and since I report directly to the aliens I'm afraid my nine figure government salary would take a big cut.

I do not intend on taking a pay cut so if we have to we will shoot the editor of this publication before he has a chance to surrender.    Currently, we have the best minds in the world gathering information which will tell us the whereabouts of this treasonous editor.  So, if you have any information please send it to our office in Mumbai India.  We outsourced our intelligence analitics department to a company in Mumbai.  They are really cheap because they pay their best people just a few pennies a day to go over our most important  and sensitive national secrets.  I'm saving so much money that U. S. taxpayers might have to give me a ten figure income next year.
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