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Friday, February 27, 2009


After months of deliberation and debate, the greatest financial minds in the world have come up with a way to finally get the Dow Jones Industrial Average to stop going down and start going up: Just drop the whole thing down to zero and start all over. “It can’t go below zero,” one Yale Economist said.

“Well, theoretically it can,” one MIT Economist chimed in.

“If it does go into negative numbers then we are all, royally phooey sticked in the shoot that poops,” observed a Harvard Economics Professor, “that would mean the stock market was giving people money not to buy shares of stock”. There is a novel behavior called “saving money” which is akin to receiving money according to Ben Franklin. For example: “a penny saved is a penny earned” or, “a dollar spent is a dollar burned” or, “an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth” or “ skunky beer gives you a belly ache” and so on.

Although there is no consensus amongst Economists regarding where the Dow is headed, all agreed that once it hit rock bottom, (theoretical rock bottom) it would have no where to go but up. Stock traders think that zero is a good place to start the market. “Coke started over with Zero Coke,” one trader commented, “and it didn’t end up so bad”. So when the Dow hits zero it will be time to break open your piggy bank and buy, buy, buy.


Tiger Woods, after returning back to golf from his latest injury, was knocked out of his latest match but, it is still great to see him back. He will no doubt return to being his gifted self on the greens. Tiger woods has a distant cousin who also plays golf, named Lion Irons. Lion has never come close to qualifying to play in any professional match. Just like in Detroit, the Tigers usually win a lot more than the lions.

The Detroit Red Wings beat the Ducks 5-2 and retain their lead in the Central Division of the Western Conference. The Detroit Pistons lost to the CAVS 98-78 are a distant second behind Chicago in their conference. Woe is me. What do I care? I didn't bet on them.



It seems the late Keith Ledger won an Oscar for best actor for his portrayal of the Joker in the latest Batman movie. Keith won this Oscar posthumously (that means he died before he picked up his statue). This brings to mind the terrible injustice done to the late actor Jim Varney who should have received the best actor Oscar award for what is truly the greatest movie ever made “Earnest Saves Christmas”. This masterpiece of a motion picture has never gotten the critical acclaim it deserved. The only reason this picture and its actors, director, writers etc. did not win Oscars, is because “Earnest Saves Christmas” was a docudrama, based on actual events.

The movie was great and the event it documented, the saving of Christmas, was so very important that it is too bad it has been forgotten. If Earnest hadn’t saved Christmas, just ponder on what the heck we would do every December 25th when all those obnoxious relatives show up on the door step. An Easter egg hunt has already been taken. Halloween has the dress-up holiday pretty much locked up and Thanks Giving has the pig out and watch football day sewn up. Setting off fire crackers, 4th of July. Getting loaded and passing out on the bathroom floor, New Years Eve. The only holiday fun left to entertain those relatives is passing out presents.



Many conservative online sites have been saying that President Barok Obama was not born in the United States. In order to get to the bottom of this assertion, we at “Humor News Nuts” contacted the local community college to see if they had anyone on staff that could confirm or deny the origins of our President.

After e-mailing the faculty at the local community college we received a reply from someone who claimed to know the real identity of President Obama. The mans name was Duncan Dipwater. Duncan Dipwater asserted that “after careful examination of President Obama during his speech, it was evident from his flawless logic, clarity of mind and inability to show emotion, that Mr. Obama is actually from the planet Vulcan. His ears also seem just a little bit pointy, like they were really pointy once and they were filed down to make it look like he was from earth. Of course President Obama isn’t the first alien in Washington. Vice President Dick Cheney is a Ferengi from the planet Ferenginar. Donald Rumsfeld is an Android with a positronic brain. Nancy Pelosi is a Time Lord from the planet Galafrey. John Kerry was a Wookie until he lost his hair. Barney Frank and Sarah Palin both dated Darth Vader, at the same time. Darth is a two timer you know. After all he is pure evil. They say ‘he’s more machine than man now' …”

Well, it seems we actually e-mailed an in-treatment patient at the local community mental health hospital instead of the faculty at the local community college but, we are not retracting our story and expect it will be repeated all over the internet in the way befitting all factual information found on web sites. Live long and prosper.

Friday, February 13, 2009


The stock market ended lower this week with the Dow Jones Industrial Average ending the week at 7849.13, down 83 points for the day. Betting on stocks this week was more painful than betting on which jars of peanut butter would cause food poisoning.

This week the leaders of the nations 8 largest banks faced off against Congress in sometimes heated exchanges about stuff no one really understood. The bankers insisted that they were not crooks and, relative to the Congressional leaders the bankers were testifying in front of, the bankers had a point. After watching the performance of both Congress and the banking moguls who are together, supposed to save the country from financial meltdown, my brother went down to the U STEEL WE FENCE pawn shop and, bought 10 lbs of gold coins for fifteen bucks.

Tim Geitner, the new Secretary of the Treasury, received a C- on his oral report he delivered on "How To Save The Universe From Economic Oblivion". President Obama is now making the Treasury Secretary give another report on next Wednesday for extra credit. This will allow the Secretary to bump his grade up a notch to an overall B-.

Both Martha Stewart and Howard Stern may have to take a big pay cut since their employer, Sirius Satellite, has filed for bankruptcy. Both Martha and Howard have an open invitation to apply here at "HUMOR NEWS NUTS" as contributors. Martha could write a weekly column on picking stocks using her insider tips. Howard could be our community and religious commentator but, he has to cut his hair. Our conservative mid-western patrons do not want to read stuff written by hippies. Howard's dad, Imus, is also welcomed to apply but, Imus can't write comments regarding women's basketball.

Although the Red Wings were down three key players, they still melted the ice by beating Minnesota 4-2. This keeps Detroit's wins at 37 in the Central Division of the Western Conference; a full seven games ahead of Chicago. In basketball, the Pistons are in second place in the Central division of the Eastern Conference. So what the heck is wrong with the Detroit Lions? Just win one game next season guys. I have jerseys and hats with your logo on them. People point at me and ridicule me. I'm fairly sure it's because of my cloths. I am however, a bit unkempt. Some call me a slob. Well, my girlfriend does anyway. But, I still don't need any more emotional baggage to carry around when I go out in public. So just win one game next season.

Angelina Jolee is so absolutely beautiful that, a mother of 14 has been trying in vain to look like the gorgeous film diva. Of course, Angelina does look a lot like Mrs. Peel from the 1960's British TV series, "The Avengers". The black leather and high kicks were something to marvel at even way back in the last century. This brings up the question: When is Angelina going to make another black leather, kick boxing, kung fu, type movie? Furthermore, whatever happened to Xena, princess warrior. Did Xena go the way of Zimma, the fruity flavored beer? I hope not.

Well, America's voyage into space is coming to an end soon. The space shuttle is to be sent to spaceship heaven. Fire crackers and bottle rockets will replace space ships for the next several years. But, although the current space program of actually going into outer space is shutting down, NASA has already picked its new team of astronauts. The picture below shows the next American space crew, set to blast off in the year 2163.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Today it was reported that nearly six hundred thousand people filed for first time jobless benefits, the highest in 34 years. Unemployment swelled to 7.60%. This news was greeted by Wall Street with a major rally of just over 217 points with the Dow Jones Industrial Average ending at 8312.37. Many on Wall Street believe the recession is now over. "Major unemployment is a hopeful sign," remarked one Wall Street economist. "If everyone in the country were unemployed, except people on Wall Street of course, the Dow would soar to over a million points". The explanation for this complex economic phenomena is so simple it's scary. Happy hour on Wall Street starts at 9 o'clock in the morning.

Rupert Murdock's News Corp. reported a 6.4 billion dollar loss in the last quarter of last year. Of course, if Rupert needs a job there is always one here for him at "Humor News Nuts". We need an interpreter to translate foreign news from Aussie speak to American English. As long as Rupert doesn't bring his billow bong to work with him, he will fit in just fine. Our office is next to a police station and we don't want any trouble.(Maybe Rupert can get us an interview with Michael Phelps).

It seems that the new digital TV roll out for rabbit eared televisions is sort of floppy eared. As in flopped. The government has reported that they are several million special, secret device coupons short and, that stations would have until June 17, 2009 to go to total digital TV. The government has issued a statement saying that people that do not have a digital device to receive the new signals need to go and buy up several rolls of aluminum foil. The picture still won't come in but, it can be great family fun twisting and turning the aluminum foil into various shapes while listening to the gentle hiss of static on the flickering television. People shouldn't really complain. Why do they think that giant 120 inch TV was only $69.00 at Walmart last year?

Well the Super Bowl is over and the Steelers won by 4 points (predicted 8 points here last week), with a final score of Pittsburgh 27 and Atlanta 23. I guess it was a great game with James Harrison's interception and 100 yard return being, the longest in Super Bowl History. Unfortunately, I was watching the Super Bowl on the floor with my eyes closed since, my brother and I had been playing Foosball for shots all afternoon. When I got up off the floor on Tuesday, I wondered how many Super Bowl games had passed since I was last conscious.

In hockey, Detroit still leads the central division of the western conference with 32wins and 11 loses. Red Wings are still a bright spot for Michigan professional sports. Now in basketball,the Detroit Pistons are a distant second in their conference so, I don't care.

In celebrity news, the Goverator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is sending out IOU's instead of payments to some bill collectors for the state of California. The governor said his situation was just like when he was living off the residuals from his hitfilm ,"Kindergarten Cop".
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